Ti2 Titanium Jewellery

Britain’s Titanium jewellery Pioneers, Barry and Sally Milburn, created Ti2 Titanium Jewellery in 1999. The couple began working together 30 years ago, soon after leaving The Central School of Art and Design in London.

The Ti2 Titanium Jewellery Company is owned by Prism Design, and has developed a large range of specialist men’s and women’s Titanium jewellery. Prism Design is a small team of traditional jewellery designers and craftsmen based in Wiltshire.

A relatively new metal to jewellery creation, Titanium possesses many qualities that make it perfect for use in jewellery making.

Titanium is suitable for those who are allergic to gold or silver, due to its hypoallergenic properties. It manages to be lightweight whilst corrosion-resistant and strong, and has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any metal. It is also a little cheaper to source than silver, resulting in a reasonably priced product without compromise on quality.

Starting at just £90, we have a beautiful collection of Ti2 Titanium Jewellery rings to suit any budget, in a selection of finishes. Designs range from the simple and classic to embellished and intricate, with a touch of eye-popping colour or addition of beautiful diamonds. There is something to suit every occasion and taste.

Ti2 Titanium Jewellery aims to keep being creative and innovative, and prides themselves on the small scale of the company. They keep the majority of the manufacturing process UK-based and hand-made as much as is possible.

Browse our exciting new selection of Ti2 Titanium Jewellery from this increasingly successful brand here at The Jewel Hut.


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