Diamonfire Jewellery

Established in Germany in 2009, Diamonfire jewellery marries sophistication and affordability, to make their popular brand what it is today. They came to England in 2012 and were welcomed on board at The Jewel Hut in the same year.

Diamonfire seeks to produce pieces with a similar appearance to that of a natural diamond and ensure that their process is similar. Their stones are hand cut to deliver quality and uniqueness.

Each collection aims to have a piece for every occasion. Whether the look is casual or high fashion, there will be a ring, necklace or earrings to suit you. Made with sterling silver and plated with platinum, plaadium and rhodium for a multi-layered high quality finish, the particular care taken ensures that Diamonfire Jewellery is a brand that jewellery fans can trust.

Silver and clear cubic zirconia are combined in their rings, to bring sparkle and sophistication – bound to turn the head of anyone who sees it. They are versatile and beautiful – making their jewellery the perfect gift to bring the magic of the brand to a loved one.

Diamonfire jewellery continues to showcase stunning new jewellery, with an affordable price tag. Experience the luxury at The Jewel Hut.


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