PANDORA: Buying a gift?

Are you considering buying a gift for your loved one this year and think PANDORA may be the right way to go? Well, we think it's a marvellous choice. Many of our customers love the versatility of PANDORA and how it enables you to record your precious memories with a piece of exquisite jewellery.

Now, there are a few things that you need to take into consideration before you purchase a piece of PANDORA jewellery for your loved one. The first of these is differentiating whether they would prefer a PANDORA Classic Charm Bracelet or a PANDORA Essence Charm Bracelet. The PANDORA Classic Collection is a favourite amongst our customers; it allows you to collect a wide variety of PANDORA charms and beads depicting various things to coincide with your precious moments. Whereas, PANDORA Essence speaks to the wearer's inner beliefs and core values, with every bead holding a secret message for the wearer to place on a slender bracelet.

If you choose the PANDORA Essence, all you will need to purchase is an Essence Bracelet and collection of Essence Charms that speak to that special person, however, please do not purchase Essence Charms for the PANDORA Classic bracelets, they will not fit.


If you think your loved one will be thrilled with the PANDORA Classic collection, we suggest you purchase a PANDORA Classic Charm Bracelet, a charm and 2 PANDORA Clips. The clips are very important for the 'wear' of the bracelet because each one, over time, will expand anything up to half a centimetre and the clips that fit onto the bumps in the bracelet will enable an equal balance so not to expand in just one area of the bracelet.

The size of the bracelet is also important. We suggest that if you can fit 1 finger either side of the bracelet when on the wrist, this will be the perfect fit because as you add charms to the bracelet its circumference will gradually decrease and fit the bracelet snugly to the wrist.

For more information about the different types of jewellery we have to offer or how to start your own PANDORA collection, take a look at our detailed articles there to give you a helping hand.