Police Jewellery

The iconic Italian Police brand began in 1983 as an off-shoot of the De Rigo company, a producer and designer of prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses.

When they decided to create a fashionable, edgy designer line Police was born. The brand was originally inspired by the 1980s American police force, and has grown to become world-famous in the last 20 years.

Police is a favourite with celebrities who want to convey their stylish attitude and confidence, and has been represented by George Clooney, David Beckham, Bruce Willis and Antonio Banderas. Following successful sunglasses collections, aftershave was introduced in 1997 and watches in 2003. Finally the Police Jewellery line was launched in 2005.

Police jewellery, favourite men’s brand at The Jewel Hut, creates modern pieces in cleverly combined materials.

The Police Jewellery range is made up of silver, both shiny and matte steel, leather and crystal. The colour schemes are very masculine browns and black, and interesting details – like bright colour accents and skeletonized numerals, making for a wide selection of options for both day and night.

Police jewellery is primarily popular in Europe, but has branched out to other continents, and is stocked extensively online. Across its full range of brands, Police keep their unique non-conformist image and, and are currently returning to their roots by re-launching their classic blue lens sunglasses.

So if you want a piece of jewellery that fits in with your stylish, fashionable look, see the great range of Police jewellery available now at The Jewel Hut.


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