What to get her?

Struggling to find her the perfect gift? Fear not, The Jewel Hut is on hand to deliver you the best service and advice, allowing you to buy with confidence.
So, top tips on what to get her, well you should start by looking at the jewellery and accessories she already owns. Once you pay close attention, you’ll eventually get a good idea whether she prefers silver to gold or monochrome to colour. Once you have this figured out, you’re half way there.
Now, what brand does she go mad for? Everyone has their go-to brand, what’s hers? Is she mad about Pandora? Does she love designer? All of these things you’ll get to know just by asking her or dropping the occasional hint while shopping. Take a look at our brands and drop their names into the conversation, you’ll be able to tell by her reaction to what she likes.
However, if all of the above fails to work, you can always get her something personal. Something that represents your relationship, be it friends or partners. Many of our customers love the sentiment of PANDORA, Nomination and Thomas Sabo; these brands allow you to collect charms to record special moments in time. This could well be the best option and the one that she is sure to love.


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