Wedding: Engagement Rings

Congratulations, you’re getting engaged! But what are you going to do about the ring?

Whether you’re looking for an engagement ring that wows or one that simply whispers, we have all of your desires for right here. But how are you going to find the perfect ring? Follow closely and find out.

First things first, what style are they going to like? The best idea is to look at what jewellery she/he already owns, vintage or contemporary? Gold or silver? Chunky or dainty? However, if you are still unsure, ask someone they're close to, maybe they’ll have some ideas of what they may like.

How do I choose the right size? Now, don’t go trying to tie a piece of string around their finger while they’re asleep, this is a sure fire way to get caught if you’re planning on it being a surprise. It’s not the end of the world if you get the size wrong. Once you give it to her she’ll probably want to slip the ring on right away and never take it off. However, it’s not the end of the world if the ring doesn't fit or need re-sizing. We provide a 30-day returns policy which allows you to return the ring (for more information about returns, head to our FAQ page).

How much should I spend? There have been many rules in the past about having to spend at least a month salary; however this depends on your financial position. At The Jewel Hut, we offer 0% finance on orders over £280, providing you with the perfect ring without the hefty payout.

For more inspiration on engagement rings, take a look at our extensive collection, or check out our precious stones blog for more information about the materials we supply. And remember, this should be a happy occasion for the both of you, so don’t panic.

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