Watches: How to match the look

Want a watch that reflects this season's current trend? Of course you do, which is why we’re offering you our own collection of must-have watches that embraces the colossal 70s fad that has been sweeping the catwalks.

Whether you’re adapting the glam rock look or the happenin’ hippy, we’ve got the perfect items just for you from one of our favourite brands; Thomas Sabo.

Thomas Sabo is famous for their range of jewellery and watches that reflect the current fashions. Each timepiece we showcase has been crafted from top-quality metals and embellished with an array of materials, including high-quality cubic zirconias.

So, where you do fit on the Sabo scale and what direction are you taking this trend in? Well, the glam and soul collection is perfect for ethereal hippies wanting an ultra feminine look; however, the Rebel at Heart collection is ideal for glam rock stars looking for a touch of urban edge to their attire. Which one will you choose? Take a look at our collection and find out more.

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