Watches: Features of a Watch

A huge factor when buying a watch depends on the watch can do. Below, we have outlined the benefits our watches can provide, along with links to where you can find them.

Alarm – great for those of you who struggle to get up in the morning.

Backlight – whether you’re a raver or a camper, backlight watches are great when you get caught in the dark.

Chronograph – usually found on analogue watches in smaller subdials, chronographs are a great way to record the time the same way you would with a stopwatch.

Stopwatch – great for fitness fanatics out there looking to beat their personal best.

Waterproof – whether you’re a tad forgetful before you get in the shower or in need of a swimming companion, our waterproof watches are great.

Shock resistant – these watches are great for those of you who want to put a watch through its paces. These timepieces can deal with most heavy impacts and still remain ticking.