Thomas Sabo: Starting Out

Are you full of glam and soul, cool as a karma chameleon or simply a rebel at heart? All of this depends on your personal preference to the types of designs showcased in each collection -  you’ll find your path sooner or later, but let's give you a nudge in the right direction.

Glam and Soul – While many of the items in this collection do boast an awful lot of glam, there is also a distinct touch of other-worldly influences, for instance, there are many tribal themes, Indian symbols, and ethnic designs used within this collection, instantly whisking you away to a far off horizon while dazzling you in a blaze of expertly cut stones.

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Karma – For those of you who live a balanced life, Karma is just for you. Many of the beads have a touch of the orient embedded in their design, along with rich colours and intricate patterns. The jewellery is just as intoxicating and perfect for individuals with a distinct style.

If you love the Karma collection and want to start collecting the intricate range of beads, we suggest you start with a Karma bracelet. These bracelets come in various sizes and it is important that you get the size correct. Measure your wrist all the way around with an additional gap where you can fit 2 fingers into. By doing this, you are allowing extra room for more beads because as you add more the circumference will become smaller and therefore tighter on the wrist.

If you wish, you can always add a safety chain onto your karma bracelet. These safety chains come with silicone grips so they remain in one place and do not move from the edge of the bracelet. And, in the unlikely circumstance that your bracelet does come apart, all of your beads will remain on the bracelet and it will only move slightly further down on to your hand. The average length of a safety chain is usually around 4cm for a 16-17cm bracelet.


Rebel at Heart – Going against the grain of conventional jewellery, this collection is a great combination of glam rock and urban edge. If you’re not afraid of the occasional skull and bone, then check out this collection: you rebel.


Charm Club - The charm club has a fantastic collection of charms from all of the collections above, including many of its own. There’s a charm for every occasion, whether you’re looking for one to represent a place you have visited, an emotion, romance or perhaps a beloved animal; the charm club has all of your needs catered for.

When choosing a charm bracelet it is important that you get the size that you want correct. We suggest that you measure your wrist with an additional gap that you can fit 2 fingers into. This will allow comfort and movement of the charms.

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