Thomas Sabo: Learn

Thomas who? For those of you who don’t have a clue who or what Thomas Sabo is then listen up.

Thomas Sabo is a German brand founded in 1984. Named after the designer, Sabo had a great eye for detail and his background in fashion lent itself to the designs becoming trend-orientated -  a solid foundation that has taken this brand from Germany to global.

Within our diverse collection, you will find various names underlining each sub-collection such as Rebel at Heart, Glam and Soul, Karma, Sterling Silver and Charm Club. To differentiate each, here is a brief background on what to expect from the collections.

Karma collection – Inspired by a positive attitude towards life and an appreciation of beautiful things; it's a manifestation of positive energy. The key piece of this collection is the ‘Wheel of Karma’, a diverse range of 72+ beads, each with a symbolic meaning or intricate design crafted from superior materials.

Rebel at Heart – Within this collection you will discover the brands signature skull mask. It’s a symbol that represents the style aware dandy and the woman with a rebel attitude. Amongst the skull masks, you will also find the traditional gothic fleur de lis, crucifix and on occasion, a serpent.

Glam and Soul – This collection focuses on energy, coupled with casual glamour and elegance. In the current collection, there’s a distinct vibe reflecting ethnic roots paired with shimmering stones that capture the light at every angle. If you want glamour, then look no further.

Charm Club - This club offers a wide spectrum of charms to suit various individuals, occasions and destinations. Each piece has been crafted from high-quality sterling silver, and many also incorporate semi-precious stones and cubic zirconias. This collection also provides specific carrier bracelets for the charms in a diverse range to suit everyone.

Sterling silver – Within this collection you will find glam and soul, karma and rebel at heart collections, however, the items within this collection have been crafted, usually, on a larger scale for individuals who love a bold aesthetic.