PANDORA: Types of Jewellery

PANDORA has many pieces of jewellery within their collection, including accessories for their bracelets such as safety chains and clips, but how do you differentiate between them all and how do they work?

Below, we have broken down what you can find, along with images and an in-depth description to save you some time.

PANDORA Beads – PANDORA have a wide selection of beads for you to choose from in various materials including; sterling silver, 14ct gold, rose gold and Murano glass. Most of these PANDORA beads are decorated with a combination of cubic zirconias, enamel, semi-precious stones, even diamonds and sapphires.

PANDORA beads fit perfectly onto PANDORA Charm bracelets by either twisting the bead onto the bracelet or simply threading it.

With PANDORA ESSENCE bracelets, Essence beads are used instead. These ESSENCE beads have been made with a special silicone grip on the inside of the bead, allowing you to thread them effortlessly onto your PANDORA Essence bracelet.

*Please note that PANDORA ESSENCE beads will not fit on PANDORA Charm Bracelets, so make sure in the description of the bead you are buying it doesn’t say ESSENCE.

PANDORA Bracelets and Bangles –In our collection, you will find an array of charm bracelets and bangles that will hold PANDORA charms, beads and clips, as well as some designs that work perfectly without any additions.

The classic collection of PANDORA charm bracelets come in various sizes for you to choose from. We suggest that when you choose a charm bracelet you should be able to fit 2 fingers down either side of the bracelet once it is fastened, this will allow you to add charms and beads to the bracelet without it becoming tight over time. This simplest way to measure you wrist is with a tape measure or to measure an existing bracelet that you can do this exercise with.

PANDORA Charm bracelets will ‘give’ over time, anything up to half a centimetre. With this in mind, we like to advise customers that when you purchase your first charm bracelet and charm, you also purchase 2 PANDORA Clips. These clips are attached to the small bumps separated at the centre of your bracelet. By placing the clips on these ‘threaded nodes’ with your charm in the centre, you are providing a fixed area for your charm to sit, thereby allowing the stretch to occur equally around the bracelet and not in just one place.

Within our collection, we also have the new PANDORA Essence bracelets and bangles. These bracelets are thinner than the classic charm bracelets, and it is advised that you only use PANDORA Essence beads on these bracelets due to the delicate nature of each one. You will also notice that these bracelets do not have the threaded nodes (bumps) on the bracelet; this is because the beads that are threaded on stay in place via a special silicone grip on the inside of each bead.

Opening your PANDORA Bracelet couldn’t be easier once you know how. Many will have the usual trigger fastening while others have a special clasp which can be opened by pushing your nails or a pin into the opening and pulling apart.

All of our PANDORA bracelets come in a variety of materials including sterling silver, 14ct gold, leather and cotton depending on your preference.


PANDORA Charms – PANDORA charms are perfect for those of you looking to purchase an item that signifies a special moment in your life. You’ll find an array of charms to wade your way through, and hopefully one that suits you or your loved one perfectly.

Our PANDORA Charms come in various metals including 925 sterling silver, 14ct gold, rose gold and Murano glass, many of which have been encrusted with cubic zirconias, semi-precious stones and even diamonds, as well as a few featuring a splash of colour through the use of enamel.

PANDORA Charms are threaded onto your bracelet either by twisting or simply pushing to charm onto your bracelet or necklace.

PANDORA Clips – PANDORA Clips have been created to fit perfectly onto the small bumps on your PANDORA charm bracelet. We advise that with the first purchase of a PANDORA charm bracelet, you also purchase 2 PANDORA clips. These clips hold your first charm in a central position and provide a balanced stretch across the bracelet as it naturally fits to your wrist.

Again, these clips come in various designs, colours and metals to complement your current collection, and can be easily changed by pushing your nails into the hairline opening.


PANDORA Earrings - As well as simple, intricately designed studs and droplet earrings, you will also find charm carrier earrings. These earrings allow you to add PANDORA beads onto your earrings to suit whatever design or colour you wish to wear. Special barrels have been created to place your beads onto which is then threaded onto the wire hook earrings. It’s a concept that is completely unique to PANDORA and allows you to create your own designs.

PANDORA Necklaces – Whether you’re looking for simple or elaborate, you’ll find the perfect PANDORA necklace right here, as well as PANDORA charm necklaces that are built to hold charms.

PANDORA Charm Necklaces have been created to carry your precious charms and beads. These necklaces are exactly the same design as the long-standing charm bracelets, however, they are much longer.

Other necklaces within the PANDORA collection feature additional links for trigger clasps to attach to near the end of the chain. In total, there are 2 additional loops spaced approx 2 inches apart from the end of the chain. This provides you with multiple lengths and the ability to add some versatility to your outfit.

PANDORA Pendants – PANDORA Pendants are easily attached to various chains and come in a variety of materials to suit your current jewellery collection. Pendants can come with or without a chain, please check the description to make sure.

PANDORA Rings – PANDORA Rings come in a variety of different precious metals including 14ct gold, sterling silver and rose gold. There are many rings in the collection that are designed to be stacked while other larger pieces sparkle effortlessly on their own.


PANDORA Safety Chains – Safety chains are a great support mechanism put in place near the clasp. If you’re worried your bracelet will come undone, these safety chains will make sure it doesn’t go anywhere.

PANDORA Safety Chains have been designed so that they twist onto the bracelet pass the treaded nodes (bumps in the bracelet). It is important that you start with the correct end on the chain with the hinge that allows the chain to spin without shortening or tangling it. Then, in turn, the other end is easily attached to the end that fits into the clasp.

PANDORA Safety Chains come in various sizes including 4, 5, 6 and 7cm. We suggest that when you buy a charm bracelet that is 16-17cm you opt for a 4cm safety chain, 5cm is our most popular for 18-20cm bracelets and 6-7cm for anything above.


PANDORA Spacers –Spacers are great additions to your charm bracelets or necklaces if you want to separate charms that hang low or if you fancy incorporating an on-trend two-tone effect with your jewellery. With many designs featured in different materials, the possibilities are endless.


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