PANDORA: Starting Your Collection

Are you PANDORA Essence or PANDORA Classic?

There are two main collections under the PANDORA umbrella; PANDORA Classic and PANDORA Essence. Both of these collections can be personalised, however, they mustn’t be mixed together. Let us explain.

The PANDORA Classic collection is made up of charm bracelets and charm necklaces that can be added to by using the PANDORA'S wide spectrum of charms and beads. The charms in this collection feature various symbols crafted from a mixture of precious metals including, sterling silver, 14ct gold and rose gold, many of which have been encrusted with cubic zirconias, painted with enamel and decorated with Murano glass and pearls. This collection is vast and has a constant flow of charms throughout the year focusing on the current trends and seasonal events.

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On the other hand, the PANDORA Essence collection explores your inner values and beliefs with a carefully crafted collection of beads that hold a special message privy only to the wearer. These bracelets are more slender than the PANDORA Classic collection, and the beads have been made to remain stationary on the bracelet via a silicone grip in the centre of each bead. It is important to note that due to the size of these beads, you cannot thread them onto the PANDORA Classic collection bracelets and necklaces; it is a standalone collection, completely unique to PANDORA.

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Once you decide whether you’re Essence, Classic or both you can then start looking at the collection; however, if you find yourself struggling with the sheer scale of PANDORA, you can always opt for one of our complete bracelets. Don’t worry we haven’t done all of the fun for you. Complete bracelets are there to get you started with a theme or colour scheme – in fact, they’re our best sellers, many customers tend to choose them as gifts for special occasions such as birthdays or Christmas.

When you purchase your first PANDORA Charm bracelet, we suggest that you buy a larger size. When you put your bracelet on, you should be able to fit 1 finger either side of the bracelet with ease. The reason for this is so that you can add charms and beads without worrying about the bracelet becoming tighter.

We also suggest that when you purchase your first PANDORA classic bracelet and charm that you also buy 2 PANDORA Clips to fit onto the small bumps on the bracelet (also known as threaded nodes), with your charm in between them. This is because; over time your bracelet will expand anything up to half a centimetre, but don’t worry this is normal. The clips provide balance so that your bracelet will expand equally.

If you want to learn more about the individual types of jewellery that we have to offer, we suggest you take a look at our Types of Jewellery article, outlining the ins and outs of each item so you can further understand exactly how PANDORA works.