If you guys are thinking that Pandora’s just for girls, you’d be wrong. Pandora, like most of our jewellery brands, is genderless, allowing you to rock whatever you like. The great thing about our collection is that it benefits from being crafted from top quality materials. With superior sterling silvers, refined leathers and even 14ct gold featured on numerous pieces; it’s a winner.

As with many brands aimed at both sexes, you will find some pieces that are a definite no-go, but mostly, it’s just down to personal taste.

If you’re looking to get started, we’d suggest you opt for a simple leather double bracelet with a sterling silver clasp. This is a great option for you guys who are just starting out. After a while, you may want to add a few charms, and if so, go for a simple coloured bead and work your way up to more ornate designs. Take a look at our Pandora collection for men today and find a piece to suit you.