Men: Making the Look

Lads, it’s time to fix up and look sharp for the summer. June is only a couple of weeks away and you’re going to need something crisp and suitable for the beer garden.

The first thing you need to do is the nail the outfit, ZARA has this covered. This lightweight combo is going to be a winner when the suns’ cranking up the heat, and jacket will be a great addition when you need to smarten up. Overall, it’s a very clean look and the patterned Tee will add a splash of colour.

Next, the much-needed additions; we’ve put together a collection of accessories that will finish this outfit off perfectly.

Firstly, we have one of the newest additions to the Swatch family, the new Destination London Swatch. The blue dial will add a burst of colour to compliment the Tee, and the chronograph movement will be great for checking when it’s time to hit the deck.

Next on the agenda, we’ve chosen a twisted leather UNIQUE bracelet with stainless steel clasp, along with a Thomas Sabo sterling silver Kathmandu ring, both of these will keep your look casual while giving you with a distinct edge on the competition.

To find out more of what we can offer you gents, head over to our men’s collection, or check out our blog for more info on how to stay up-to-date.