Interview: Natalie's favourite Pandora pieces

We are all huge fans of PANDORA at The Jewel Hut and we simply can't get enough of the latest PANDORA Summer 2017 collection. So we met up with our Assistant Website Manager, Natalie, to ask her what she thought of the new collection and what PANDORA she has in her collection.

Natalie, you've worked with PANDORA a lot since you've been at The Jewel Hut, what do you love most about the brand?

I love how you can customise the jewellery and make it personal. There’s such a wide choice of charms available that it makes it easy to find at least one to suit you or a special occasion that you’d like to remember.

What PANDORA pieces do you already own?

I have a purple leather bracelet with the new rabbit charm, plus a couple of the daisy rings –but I really want to get some of the latest PANDORA Rose rings too now!

What do you think of the new PANDORA Summer 2017 collection?

I think the new collection is wonderfully fresh and bright. There are some really vibrant colours like the new pink leather bracelet and I love the new Tropical Starfish Jewellery Set!

PANDORA Summer_pink_bracelet_590747

Do you have a favourite piece that you’ve got your eye on?

Yes! I love the new white orchard charm, it's so pretty! The Pink Glitter Murano Glass charm is also really beautiful.

Natalie, we know that you love animals, and PANDORA have got some adorable animal-themed pieces. Are there any animals that you would like to see PANDORA release?

Well, I was thrilled when they brought out the rabbit charm but I would like a new hedgehog charm to go next to him.

And finally, what would you say to someone who wanted to start their own collection of PANDORA?

I would say that once you have one thing Pandora, you will want more and the collections always have something for everyone. But if you are struggling, we do have some great complete bracelets that we've made up to help give you a head start.

If you like Natalie’s top picks, simply head to the PANDORA collection to discover more, and keep an eye on our style blog for more top tips and trend focused topics for you to share.

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