Hold up! The seventies are back in fashion?

Yes, guys you heard right. In the wake of the London Collections: Men, we’ve seen all the major high street retailers following suit, which means the shops are going to be awash with turtlenecks, retro print shirts, suede, flares and way too much denim.

So how are you going to adapt the new trend without looking like a throwback? Well, with a little help from us and Thomas Sabo, we intend on helping you with the finer details to take you from 70s has-been to new age glam rock god.

Now, great icons that rocked the 70’s in more ways than one were; Mick Jagger, Michael Cane, Marc Bolan, Steve McQueen, David Bowie, Marvin Gaye and Sid Vicious - we suggest you go right ahead and just google all of them and find out which one you can relate to. However, for the final touches to your new look, we suggest you ‘rock the boat’ over to The Jewel Hut.

We’ve put together some great pieces to get your style rockin’ this autumn. So if you’ve chosen to go down the glam rock route; then take a look at these beauties. However, if you’re planning on taking the more 70s Bond approach, we’ll be showing you exactly how to make your refined seventies style next week.

So let’s rock on!

We've sourced some Thomas Sabo Karma Beads to give your Karma Bracelet a much-needed edge for this season's glam-rock look by merging Rolling Stones with a Sex Pistols punk edge.

Next, how about piling on these Rebel at Heart Skull bracelets to show a darker side of your style.


Finally, how about summoning another trend that's hot this year? Androgyny. We have these fantastic new Sabo Silver Ball Ear Jackets and Rebel at Heart Sull Studs that will add a rugged edge to your style.

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By James Tissiman