In 1919 the Tolkowskys developed the Ideal Cut Diamond, and in 1948 Gabi Tolkowsky cut the world’s largest ‘D Flawless’ diamond, the De Beers’ Centenary Diamond. The Mastercut diamond Tolkowsky personally created is noted for its perfect symmetry and brilliance, with 32 more facets than a traditional round brilliant diamond. A special star facet directs light and brings out the brilliant quality of your diamond.

Jean Paul Tolkowsky has designed an 89 facet diamond for Mastercut Jewellery, utilising his superior skills gained whilst cutting the Golden Jubilee diamond. His family have been leaders in the diamond cutting industry for over seven generations.

Mastercut jewellery showcases their perfectly cut diamonds in modern and elegant jewellery designs. White gold, yellow gold and platinum Mastercut Jewellery settings are all available.

Outstanding craftsmanship is displayed in every stone. Each one is sourced in an ethical and socially responsible manner, has been polished in award-winning facilities, isn’t synthetic and has not been treated.

The Mastercut jewellery range is presented in a specially designed case, complete with its own certified portfolio, to enable the customer to discover its journey from rough stone to the finished piece. A stargazer is included to view the diamond in all its brilliance.

Mastercut is the UKs fastest growing diamond brand, stocked now in over 45 independent retailers. So, if you fancy a breath-taking piece of diamond jewellery, whether you’re looking for a special engagement ring or enduring wedding ring, discover our range of Mastercut jewellery now at the Jewel Hut.

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