Baccarat Jewellery

Baccarat Jewellery is a collaboration of the finest French crystal makers with leading creative designers. With a history in making world leading crystal glass pieces long enjoyed by the high society of France, it was natural for the company first known as “Sainte-Anne Glassworks” to embark on its own range of stunning crystal pieces drawing upon its past and present. The results speak for themselves.

Since first being established in 1764 producing mirrors and stemware, Baccarat Jewellery has since risen to prominence as a premier crystal goods producer. By 1823, the company was producing glassware for King Louis XVIII, and has created stunning pieces for the royalty and presidents of France ever since. The commitment to style that lay behind the famous Juvisy and Harcourt designs continues to be seen in Baccarat jewellery today.

Today the Harcourt design continues to enjoy placement on tables worldwide, with a host of imitators. Such a winning eye for arresting aesthetics is thus a natural fit for the world of fashion accessories, and so the 1993 launch of the first Baccarat jewellery collection was always going to take the world by storm. Two annual collections soon followed, with a new collaboration with some of the world’s best designers occurring every year. 2001 saw the introduction of precious stones to the range through Les Precieux line, with a successful chic look continuing the brand’s pieces today.

Perpetuating the great French tradition of Cosmopolitan living, Baccarat Jewellery offers stunning pieces that will sparkle at the centre of your evening wear. Explore the shimmering delights of the Murmure, Psydelic and So InsomNight collections, and see why this French crystal house is so revered today.


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